Tax Bills Explained
NH-M Tax Bills for 2016
Posted on 07/03/2017
This is the image for the news article titled NH-M Tax Bills for 2016As most homeowners probably noticed when the 2016 property tax bills were mailed out earlier this month, residents saw a significant increase in their assessed valuation, thereby resulting in an overall increase in their tax bill.  Please know that NH-M #88 actually decreased our tax rate based on the 4.14% increase in assessed valuation provided to the district last fall.  

The cause of the rise in tax was because many of the taxing bodies kept their rate the same or lowered it, but the state of Illinois contacted the Logan County Supervisor of Assessments Office and ordered a multiplier be added to all properties within the Corwin, Sheridan and Broadwell Townships due to a perceived lower (and unequalized) assessed valuation that had not been adjusted for several years.  So while NH-M levied for about 4% more than last year (cautiously awaiting an end to Illinois' budget impasse), values saw an increase of nearly 10%, causing the increase in tax bills felt by all residents of these three townships.

Again, this was not NH-M #88's design nor intention, but nevertheless we feel that anytime taxes are increased, the taxpayers deserve an explanation.  I know this does not make it any easier to pay the installments, but please know that NH-M takes its responsibility of being good stewards of district tax dollars very seriously and this multiplier was not a result of locally elected officials, but rather at the State level.  If you every have any questions about tax bills, assessed valuation, or levying questions in general, please do not hesitate to contact NH-M Superintendent Todd Dugan.