5th-8th Grade Science/5th SS, Clayton Rothe

Hello! My name is Mr. Rothe and I am the Jr. High Science Teacher, as well as the 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher here at New Holland-Middletown. Here, you can find information regarding remote learning, classroom expectations, important links and contact information for me! 



In the event we are remote at any point during the 2020-2021 school year, I will be meeting with my students at 10:00 AM on the following days via google hangouts: 


If a student misses an assignment, they are expected to make it up ASAP. Any incomplete assignments will be entered as 0s. 

My assignments will be posted on Google Classroom along with their needed attachments, as well as the Discovery Education online textbook. Look on Classroom, as well as the "Useful Links" tab here for important links!