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E Learning Plan

Date:   July 22, 2021

 To: Parents/Guardians of NH-M

 Memo: Back to School

New Holland Middletown District 88 will continue to be vigilant in the monitoring of the health and safety of our students, staff, and families as we plan for the school year. We will continue to engage and communicate with our school community in a timely and effective manner throughout the school year. Please understand that guidelines and recommendations are ever changing, and, as a result, this plan must remain fluid. We understand that there will be extenuating circumstances for some families and we are happy to address those on an individual basis. We believe this plan is comprehensive in providing the best environment for our students academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. Following much consultation with the CDC, state and local health departments, as well as, collaboration with county school officials, we have implemented the following changes in our student services for the 2021-22 school year: 

I. Instruction 

We will return to full day in-person learning. 

Per ISBE/IDPH/CDC guidelines, masks are recommended, but not required. Please note that many health agencies state that when teachers, staff, and students who are not fully vaccinated consistently and correctly wear a mask, they protect others as well as themselves. 

We will continue to maintain current spacing recommendations whenever possible, as well as, follow all cleaning and safety protocols to continue to provide a healthy learning environment. 

Field trips, school family activities, and fundraisers will resume. 

Locker use for academics and physical education will resume. 

Remote learning will only be available to students who are quarantined from in-person learning

Students who provide an approved doctor’s note stipulating that they cannot attend school due to health reasons will be provided a learning option through an external source. Details will be provided  per case. 

II.  Transportation

Masks must be worn on all school transport vehicles (busses, vans) per CDC/ISBE/IDPH guidelines. 

III. Health and Safety 

  Temperature checks will be discontinued Parents should keep their children home from school and co-curricular activities if they are sick and/or exhibiting COVID-19 related symptoms. 

We will work closely with the local health department in determining the best course of actions for students testing positive for COVID-19 or any variant.

IV. Food Services 

We will resume normal kitchen operations in each school. There will continue to be free lunch for all students along with additional items for purchase. 

We will continue to provide additional seating and maintain current spacing recommendations whenever possible. 

V. Extra and Co-Curricular Activities 

Athletic and co-curricular activities will resume with normal operations. We will continue to adhere to updated guidance provided by IESA and ISBE. 

In closing, we want to remind everyone that the first full day of school for students is Tuesday, August 17th. We will once again be utilizing remote learning days in place of snow days which will allow for no fluctuation in our calendar. If you haven’t had a chance to register your student 

yet, please do so at your earliest convenience. Online registration is now open via Teacher Ease. As always, if you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. We are looking forward to a great school year! 

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Stevens Amendment

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This web page citation informs the public that the use of Federal dollars in the New Holland MIddletown District 88 meets the Stevens Amendment requirement. Staff development opportunities, resource purchases and personnel have been funded in whole or in part with federal entitlement dollars.

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