Late Start Information and Schedule

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019 the New Holland-Middletown ESD #88 Board of Education approved the implementation of a “Late Start Schedule” as an option in lieu of cancelling school during the 19/20 School Year.  This option will be utilized when poor weather conditions exist early in the morning but it is anticipated that the conditional concern will no longer exist later in the morning.  Good examples of times in which the opportunity will be utilized include; fog, early morning icy roads, and electricity outages.  

The Late Start Schedule will always follow this schedule and the morning communication indicating the school is implementing a late start will be clear. 
• 9:00 am - Buses will begin their routes.
• 9:45 am - Doors will open for parent drop-offs and walkers.  
• Students will report to their normal locations (K-4th in the Cafeteria and 5th -8th to the gym)
• Breakfast will be served as normal at that time. 
• Students will then run a classroom schedule established by the staff.  This will be an academic day.  Learning will take place.
• Lunch will be served at the normal time.
• Dismissal will be at the normal time with standard pick-up procedures. 
• Students will not be transported to alternative locations in the morning. 
Late Start Information Letter - 10/24/19