Board of Education - District Plan

We, the Board of Education of New Holland-Middletown, believes …

• Providing a high-quality education to our students through clearly articulated vertically aligned curricula and advanced educational technology. 

• Educating our students includes supporting the development of their academic, social, and emotional skills and well-being while providing experiences beyond the classroom.

• Maintaining a quality facility is a key component for our student’s education.

• Financial wellness and financial conservativism are essential values to the future and sustainability of our school district.

• Education of our students must include partnering with parents and must be valued by the community.

• Communication is essential to maximize the success of our school and the engagement of our community.

• Our expectations of performance must incorporate supporting our students to develop the skills to be successful in an ever changing 21st Century society.

New Holland-Middletown Board of Education engaged in a collaborative process involving stakeholders from all areas of the community in the development of a 5 Year Strategic Plan.  This plan will be reviewed on a regular basis and modified as needed in open session at Board of Education meetings.  The plan was approved on August 14, 2019 at the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting.  The link below is that plan.

NH-M 5-Year Strategic Plan